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Why should I upgrade

Which version of Portrait Professional are you using?

Hi Roscoe,

I've emailed you on how to get the upgrade.

admin Wrote:Roscoe:  There is an upgrade price, just click on "Check for updates" in the help menu.

Dlanter: We do plan to support sidecar files in a future version.   However, you can get all the affects you applied in lightroom or any other raw package by saving out a 16 bit tiff which will include all the affects already applied without losing bit depth, and loading it into Portrait Professional Studio.  If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.

So like I have already said, paying for the Max upgrade was a waste of money if it cant support raw files along with the sidecar files. I was saving to tif files with the older version.

Roscoe - there is no upgrade price. Current customers have the pay the same for the upgrade as new customers.
dlanter ....if you're not satisfied with this software ....... sodoff ................

Nobodt's twisting your arm about buying this software .............
admin Wrote:Roscoe,

Which version of Portrait Professional are you using?


I think ........ not too sure tho' ...... it's telling me 6.5 updated ...
You can find out what version of Portrait Professional from the bottom left of the about box in the help menu.

The upgrade price is lower than the full retail price, and can be found via check for updates in the software, or via our  license manager

My mistake about the upgrade price. After searching several menus on your website I finally did find the upgrade price. But you are still stating that it can be used for RAW files just like 6.5max claimed. If you don't read or write to sidecar files do you really think that is an accurate statement? Anyone using a raw workflow is going to do any exposure, white balance, etc. adjustments before importing into another program for skin softening. This can't be done with PP without loosing those adjustments unless you save to a tif file. So back to my previous post, since 6.5max can not actually import raw files correctly (which is the only reason I bought it), I basically already paid for a minor version upgrade from 6.? to 6.5
I'm not trying to make this into an argument with anyone, and actually I do like parts of the program, but I don't like having to pay for an upgrade that doesn't upgrade anything. Yes, I already read the list of "improvements" but correct raw processing is the only thing that would make me consider upgrading.
BTW, I am not alone on this thought either. A discussion about this last night on another forum had about 80% of the replies agreeing with my thoughts.
Hi again,

I'm sorry if you feel mislead, that certainly wasn't our aim. Could you give me a link to the other forum where you were discussing it? If I can show there is significant demand for sidecar support, it would make it much more likely that we include support for it soon. I don't want to promise anything, but if there is significant demand we will try to include it in the next minor upgrade.

admin Wrote:...Version 6.5 was out for over a year before we released version 8.   Version 7 was an internal version that was never released, so it does give the impression that we are going up version numbers a lot quicker than we are!  If you don't think version 8 is worth the upgrade, vote with your feet and don't buy it.  ...


I bought the software in March for $99.95 and by July there was a jump from version 6.5 to version 8.0 and I am expected to pay $39.95 to upgrade.

I find this quite unacceptable and, anticipating a likely response to "vote with your feet and don't buy it", I am not buying it.
The new version V8.0 doesn't cost $99.95 any more.
You basically pay the difference to the new price and some more for the upgrade.


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