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Full Version: Why should I upgrade
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It was just a couple of months ago that I paid for the latest & greatest upgrade with 6.5 max (which is a useless for raw workflow) and now you expect me to upgrade again without even getting an upgrade discount, not going to happen. Version 9 or 10 will probably be out next week and you think I will happily hand over more money. Yeah right, the checks in the mail.
Hi there,

Version 6.5 was out for over a year before we released version 8.   Version 7 was an internal version that was never released, so it does give the impression that we are going up version numbers a lot quicker than we are!  If you don't think version 8 is worth the upgrade, vote with your feet and don't buy it.  We watch our sales very carefully, and try to learn what people like by what they buy.  If you are interested, here is a list of new features.  

admin Wrote:Version 6.5 was out for over a year before we released version 8.  
Not true. I bought my initial version of PP (whatever the number was) less than a year ago. Check my order history if you want. The 6.5 upgrade was not available through the help menu until just a couple of months ago.
Sorry, you are a right. 6.0 was released around a year ago. We released minor, free, upgrades to 6 throughout the time we were developing 8.

My upgrade to 6.5max was not free.
Minor version number upgrades are always free, for example 6.0 to 6.5. Changing to a different product, from Portrait Professional to Portrait Professional Max is not free.
And the Max version is totally useless. It does not read the xmp files associated with the raw files, so any adjustments made with another editor, like Lightroom, are ignored and not brought into PP. I'm not going to pay again for an update that fixes a flawed product, so I am basically done with PP. Thousands of photographers on other forums I'm sure will be interested in this thread and my review of your product and customer service.
I've been trying to find the upgrade price from 6.5 to 8.0 but haven't had any luck. Is there in fact an upgrade price or is it $79.95 as mentioned on the "Buy" link ?
Roscoe: There is an upgrade price, just click on "Check for updates" in the help menu.

Dlanter: We do plan to support sidecar files in a future version. However, you can get all the affects you applied in lightroom or any other raw package by saving out a 16 bit tiff which will include all the affects already applied without losing bit depth, and loading it into Portrait Professional Studio. If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.
I see 4 items on the Help dropdown menu, Support, Troubleshooting, Show Help Bubbles and About Portrait Professional, nothing else.  I tried to take a screen dump to show you what I mean but as soon as I take the focus away from the dropdown menu, and use the mouse to activate the screen capture, the Help menu closes !

I've downloaded v8.0 trial and have it installed but I guess upgrading involves downloading the full v8.0 again, as was the case with v6.xx

Email me the upgrade price and how I can pay for it please.

I admire your restraint with dlanter .......... if it was me I'd tell him/her to go jump !!
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