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Program shuts down
I can get Portrait Professional to go through steps the auto fix, but when I continue to tweak with the sliders, the program says it's encountered an error or shuts down. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and Windows XP on my desktop and can't go any further than auto fix on either computer. My sister has Vista and has no problems. What's causing it to shut down? Thanks.
Hi Betty,

Just a little test... are the images Landscape or Portrait mode? Try rotating the image 90 degrees before you open in PP (you can rotate them correctly in PP when you open - bottom right).
Mine shuts down all the time on me too. Sometimes it works and others it shuts down. I hate it because I really like this program. Any ideas?
Which version of the software are you using? You can see the version number in the about box.

I am using Version 9.
I get the same problem. I do the first bit and then it crashes. Am running Windows 7 on an Intel MAC via Boot Camp
Sorry, I should have been more specific. Exactly which version are you using? i.e. version 9.1.2 for instance.

admin Wrote:Sorry, I should have been more specific.  Exactly which version are you using?  i.e. version 9.1.2 for instance.


I'm having the exact same problem, it happens went I try to work on the sliders. I'm using Portrait Professional Studio 9. Is there any solution? I love this software and it's really convenient and easy especially for my work. Please help....TQ
Exactly which version are you using?

Mine is version 9.0.14

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