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Version 18
Anyone else install this yet? Rummaged to find my previous token, installed upgrade, and seems to be working fine. Will be playing around with new features and maybe post a photo or two. Does look like an improvement in detection. I have Studio version
Just upgraded from Studio17 to Studio18.
Everything went flawlessly and is working Smile
still getting some bleed over on face detection - purple mask on clothing etc.
I find the default results look more natural than v17.

In v17 I always had to do adjustments to the defaults after I loaded an image, while in v18 it looks better without me having to do anything.
I also find the automated masks are more accurate.
So an improvement here, in my opinion anyway Smile

Only sad thing is my real face didn't any get prettier... it only got a year older Smile
The Smartfilter is annyoing. If I have PP as a smartfilter its starts the software too often. For example if I hit the eye next to the PP layer to hide and unhide it, it starts the program, if I edit the smartfilter base photo and go back, it opens up Portrait Pro twice. Thats just annoying.
When did this version 18 come out?

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