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saving pictures with new background
Has anyone else had problems saving edited pictures with a new background? I've occasionally had this work correctly; but, most of the time the picture is saved with the original background. I've tried various formats and different background files. I've had a ticket open with support for more than 4 months, but they haven't found a solution.
Yes I have the exact same problem.  Actually, I never could save the picture (TIFF, JPEG) with the new background (a jpeg file that I took).  Could you please indicate the solution when you'll receive an answer
I'll be glad to post a solution if I ever get one. I've had this ticket open with support since February and have received no solution to the problem yet.
Are you using PP as a plugin, or stand-alone product? I am on a Mac, and have not had that problem. But when I know I am going to work on a photo where I'll want to change the background, I go into PP as a stand-alone program, save several 'sessions' so I can go back in and make adjustments later - and also have no problem saving as a jpeg - it's right there in the same drop down menu where 'save session' is - save as 'tiff/jpeg' etc.

before and after sample

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