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New Windows 10 updates
There are many people who are active here and its great If you are interested in this forum, then be active and share your knowledge. I am new on the forum and going to be active as I want to participate in discussions and know much new information for me.
I can completely understand what you have gone through. Even I am also one of the many who have experienced several issues after installing the Windows 10 updates. Nothing new to mention I too have face printing problems after the installation, thereby I have uninstalled it. Added to my problems, for the last few days the battery of my Asus laptop has been dying quickly even though I replaced it few days back.  Mod d by removing url MODERATOR
I understand your concern. I also faced some issues on my windows 10. The problem was when I tried to print anything from my pc, at that moment, It always showing hp printer offline windows 10. I could not understand why it was happening because recently I bought my new hp printer. Please help.
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