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New Windows 10 updates - williamting - 12-05-2017

I installed Windows 10 updates on my computer on Sunday. I experience the following problems:

1. Photoshop CC 2018 behaved erratic; very slow and sometimes, it is just crazy! It reached a stage that I can't work anymore.
2. My printer stopped working as the USB port seems to switch on and off. So, for three whole days, I debugged and finally concluded that it must be the updates.

I finally rolled back to the previous version last night and now everything is back to normal.

Just a head-up to anyone who is undecided about the updates. Don't install it!

RE: New Windows 10 updates - Chris - 12-13-2017

Windows has been a nightmare to applications. I had problems with Portrait Pro, being after successfully installing the app it worked fine until I closed it, then when trying to reopen the app. there would be a warning saying it wasn't compatible with windows 10. After many windows updates, Portrait Pro magically started to work. Windows 10 is a joke for the average user.

RE: New Windows 10 updates - williamting - 12-14-2017

Windows 10 is supposed to fix incompatibility issues. You just right click on the exe files and select "Check for Compatibility". It gives you the option to fix it. I did that to a few of my apps last month.

RE: New Windows 10 updates - razashaikh - 12-27-2017

Had the same issue. But it is fixed now.

RE: New Windows 10 updates - Lissa77 - 01-10-2018

it's not the permanent issue with window 10.

RE: New Windows 10 updates - Roberson - 01-17-2018

It was an issue with the Creator's Update. They fixed the issues for most users but some people are still reporting problems. I'm dreading the day I switched to Win 10.