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New Windows 10 updates
I installed Windows 10 updates on my computer on Sunday. I experience the following problems:

1. Photoshop CC 2018 behaved erratic; very slow and sometimes, it is just crazy! It reached a stage that I can't work anymore.
2. My printer stopped working as the USB port seems to switch on and off. So, for three whole days, I debugged and finally concluded that it must be the updates.

I finally rolled back to the previous version last night and now everything is back to normal.

Just a head-up to anyone who is undecided about the updates. Don't install it!
Windows has been a nightmare to applications. I had problems with Portrait Pro, being after successfully installing the app it worked fine until I closed it, then when trying to reopen the app. there would be a warning saying it wasn't compatible with windows 10. After many windows updates, Portrait Pro magically started to work. Windows 10 is a joke for the average user.
Windows 10 is supposed to fix incompatibility issues. You just right click on the exe files and select "Check for Compatibility". It gives you the option to fix it. I did that to a few of my apps last month.
Had the same issue. But it is fixed now.
it's not the permanent issue with window 10.
It was an issue with the Creator's Update. They fixed the issues for most users but some people are still reporting problems. I'm dreading the day I switched to Win 10.
Most of those issues can be fixed in settings. Windows 10 is still buggy, so just wait. BTW Windows 10 runs stuff faster so thats why I keep it

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