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Photoshop CC 2018 and PortraitPro V15 Plugin
I installed PS latest version (V19 CC 2018) from Adobe Creative Cloud and reinstalled PortraitPro V15 + PS Plugin.

Today, I found that the PP plugin is dimmed, ie, not accessable. I tried manual installation of the plugin and it doesn't solve the problem. I finally reinstalled PP and the problem is solved. 

I posted this for information just in case someone encounters the same issue.
Thank you for sharing this information, I also discovered today that the plug-in is not available. I'll try your method!  Basically I use photoshop to create similar things, http://fixthephoto.com/free-photoshop-actions . What about you?
It always happens with Photoshop! I’m so sick of it! My friend is using these (link removed by moderator). He says there is a wide range of filters of high quality, and the strength is adjustable. Besides, it has a user friendly interface. I think I’ll try out this utility.

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