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My first project
I turned 41 yesterday and my husband snapped this picture of me and my daughter - YIKES. I thought I'd try PP and was amazed with the results.

I also blogged about it.

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Welcome to the PP family of users.  For a first project you did a great job on yourself.  My only little suggestion on this photo would be to use the Extend Area tool down into the neck area, if you didn't already, then use the touchup tool in that area for specific needs.  Nice goin', and keep at it.
Yes you did well...not overdone at all, dittos on the neck extention for the filtering.
I like to capture photographs at different occasions like marriage, birthday and traveling for keep it as a memory. i am so impress by looking your first photographs project. it is really nice. it has good extra ordinary features. moreover the background of all the photos is really beautiful and interesting. it is really great project.

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