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PortraitPro Tablet Workflow
I am a longtime user of Portrait Pro on Windows and noticed that a tablet version was just released.  I currently use Portrait Pro as an add-in to Adobe Lightroom and use copies of the original RAW images that are processed first in LR.  

This week LR Mobile for iOS was updated to handle RAW images.  I'm assuming this is a stretch, but would Portrait Pro Tablet work similar as it could access LR Mobile RAW for processing and then export the final image back to the LR Library?  I currently have LR Mobile synced to my desktop Lightroom so all files and adjustments are copied back to my PC.  If not, perhaps I could export the RAW images as DNG in to the photos app and then import to PP.

I couldn't find a lot of documentation on how the tablet version works.  I won't mind spending the money on it but I'd like to understand how it works.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
My speculation is that PP would be too sluggish on a tablet unless you have a very powerful tablet like a high-end Surface.

I have a relatively powerful desktop with quad-core 2600k with hyperthreading (equiv of 8 cores), 24 GB of DRAM, and Samsung terrabyte SSD. I still find P.P. to be rather sluggish. PP also seems glitchy with hangs and lots of the "grinding hour-glass" if there are several other applications like Bridge and/or Lightroom and/or Photoshop running. Some of that may be "race conditions".

I have a HP Split tablet with Intel i3 CPU, and it is way too under-powered to satisfactorily run LightRoom, so my speculation is that the even more demanding P.P. would be all but unusable.

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