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Strange pattern along jaw line
I am experiencing a strange phenomenon that occurs just along the jawline, particularly with women subjects. There is a checkerboard or striped pattern that occurs along the jaw, and it seems no matter how meticulous I am about selecting points etc., with some particular photos I just can't get rid of it in PPRO.

1) Has anyone else experienced this problem?
2) Are you aware of a cause and solution?

I can usually fix the problem in Photoshop after the fact, but it's annoying and not always simple to get rid of.

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Can you ensure that the Hair controls is not extended to the skin? You can do this by clicking 'View/Edit Hair area' under Hair Controls.

If the hair is highlighted on the skin simply use the 'Cut back' brush to fix this.

If problem persists please send us a session file at support1234@anthropics.com
The hair controls are not enabled. Session files sent.

We have replied to your support ticket. Please log on to the support ticket system, click on the ticket ID and post a new message.

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