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Version 11
I have version 11 on my old computer and just got a new one.  Is there a way to download version 11 and get my activation code or whatever is needed?
You can try this link:

If that doesn't work, you will need to follow this link to open a support ticket, as the software normally does not allow the use on a second machine:


With the new box you have, you may find that the upgrades and enhancements from your version to the new one will make it worth the upgrade cost.

Hope this helps, and thanks for using Portrait Professional.
PortraitProfessional Forum

In October 2012 I installed V11 on my computer. Because of  unreliability problems I retired my PC in July 2015 after buying an HP laptop.
This afternoon after reading emails about the 50% discount of V15, I thought about buying the V15 upgrade. I realized that I never
installed V11 on my laptop. I found my email from my purchase of Portrait Professional back in 2012 with my token and download URL.
I downloaded V11 on the laptop and plugged in the token and now I'm activated. I think I'll keep V11 for the time being.

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