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Masking makeup
Hi, I use PP10 and just checked out the trial versoin of PP15. I didnt think I would have any use for the makeup stuff but decided to play with it and have to say am very impressed and considering upgrading.

As I was just playing around I tried it on an image I downloaded from web and as I say it is very impressive but straight away I came up against an issue. As you can see the subject is holding finger up in front of lips in a whispering gesture but the lipstick goes right across the finger. The restore brush will not work here and there does not seem to be a way to remove the lipstick from the finger.

Yes I could save the image twice once with and once without the lipstick and use a mask in photoshop to merge the two but it would be better if the lipstick itself could be brushed away. As I understand it the remove brush that is in PP removed the changes to show the original image which is no good if the mouth has been reshaped the two wont align.

I know you dont usually get a finger in front of lips, but there might be a lip piercing you dont want coloured and with eye shadow what happens if the user is wearing glasses or has some hair over that area, how would you remove the eye shadow colour?

Maybe these are restrictions just in the trial version but would like to know before upgrading.

Many thanks ;-)

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Very good and interesting observation. Since this is their first version on makeup enhancement, I do expect them to have some imperfection like this, after all, who would have thought about this finger over the lips!

So, please do let the developer knows of "bugs" like this so that future version would be better.

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