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Sidecar with a RAW file
PP12 Studio Pro Max can read my Canon CR2 files just fine, but it doesn't seem to read the sidecar> At least as far as cropping goes.

I did some work in Lightroom first on a lot of photots and was trying to pull them into PP for the final touches.

Semi-newbie with v15 Studio Max. Hope it is ok to reply to an older (but unanswered) thread

My experience is that the "instructions" in RAW sidecars are effectively lost when software like P.P. opens a RAW/DNG file.

These "instructions" include cropping, WB, adjustments, gradients, spot-removal, and all the slider adjustments.

You can test this by deliberately under-exposing several stops, using the wrong WB (such as Incandescent outside in the sun), and framing very loosely so a lot of cropping is required.

Then open that RAW in DDP, ACR, LR, etc and "tweak to taste", including cropping. Save.

When you open in P.P. , those changes probably won't "Stick", so you are starting over.

This "dim bulb" is using "trial and error" on the P.P. learning curve to move towards a work-flow that involves RAW --> DNG --> ACR/LR --> TIF --> Read by P.P. --> Save results as TIFF (with two ff's to distinguish from input .tif's)

Seems like there should be a better way?

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