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Buying PortraitPro 64
So, if I understand it correctly. You can only install PortraitPro on one computer. When I went to the company's web site, in the FQA section. There was nothing about, how many computers, software could be installed on. Come on! everyone and their mother knows. That is one of the 1st questions asked. How could it not be in the FQA section of the company web site. Plus they never, and I mean never answer the phone. Other problem I have, is. Just to get some very basic questions answered. I have to submit a support ticket. Then go back some time later, and hope the question has been answered. Not the best business model I have ever seen. Three years ago, one of the best photographers I know. Told me about PortraitPro, 9 He said it was the best thing out there. So, at Last, I am ready to buy it, but cannot get answers to some very basic questions. Can only imagine what support will be like after I buy the program. Which leads me to other problem. How is it, I have to go to Amazon.con to purchase a CD, which cannot be bought from company that makes the program? No where on Amazon,is there any information about how many computers, the software can be loaded onto. It is for those reasons, I have decided not to buy Portrait Professional 64. Added to that, is how many users have problems upgrading the software, and how PortraitPro 64-bit clashes with other programs.
I agree that it's not made at all clear how many computers can be used on one licence but the nearest I've got to and answer is here:-

Reason for not selling a CD version is given in FAQ and seems reasonable to me.

I've used PP for several years and never had a conflict with other software.

Can't comment on support as I've never needed any.

Pity you've decided not to buy PP, it's a great piece of software.

BTW I have no connection with the company other than as a satisfied customer.

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