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How to use your token
I have purchased the upgrade and yet when I go to use the new program Im being asked to buy the program. Ive retrieved my token but cant find where to put it.
Im only instructed to buy it again or get a trial. Why am I being asked to register again. Ive done it already. And now I cant get into the program to edit a photo.
Hi Antsyl,

Have you applied your upgrade token to your license?

1) Go the the license manager http://www.portraitprofessional.com/licenses/
2) Enter your previous activation token: PLMXXXXXX/PLSXXXXXX
3) On the next page you will see a box marked Upgrade Token. Please enter your token UPVXXXXXXX
4) Your software will be upgraded and you will be given the details of your new software, including your new PLM or PLS token and a link to download the upgraded software.

If you've already upgraded your software then you can just go to the license manager http://www.portraitprofessional.com/licenses/ and enter your PLM or PLS token and you will be taken to a link to download the software.

Warm regards,

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