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No limit on image size
Im thinking about buying Portrait Professional. But dont know what version. What are the limitations on the normal studio version on image sizes. Because in the compare the 64 version has "No limit on image size"

So tell me more please!
Hi vblokker,

I hope this helps:

"The Portrait Professional Studio 64 software does not have a practical limit on picture size.
However the other editions of Portrait Professional are 32 bits, and for them the maximum that can be handled is 30 megapixels. The maximum size depends on the number of pixels in the image and not at all on the size of the file when stored on a disk. This is because the picture needs to be decoded into memory and then processed by Portrait Professional at that size in memory. For example if you have a picture that is 7000 pixels wide and 4000 pixels high, then this is 7000x4000 pixels which is 28 million pixels, i.e. 28 megapixels." -Source - Portrait Professional FAQ


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