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I think a good future development would be to control each eye individually when altering the sizes.

Do you mean when widening the eyes?
You can currently do this in version 11 by going to Face Sculpt Tools and clicking on >Eye Widening.
This will give you Left and Right sliders.

Warm regards,
I am in agreement with pmould123.

Not just widening but to do things like actually turn off one eye adjustment or the other, nothing worse than seeing the 'ghost' of an eye because it is hidden by a persons fringe so you have the choice of seeing that 'ghost' or not having any eye adjustments.

I am surprised that wasnt thought of because surely its an easy thing to implement
Hi Skids,

In v.11 you can actually turn adjust all of the eye effects individually for each eye. Anys slider that has an > triangle has a slider for each eye.

It's also worth adjusting the mark-up so that the iris and pupil of the hidden eye are as small as possible.

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Thanks CaMo I will give that a go.

I still think it would be useful if you could simple turn off one eye or the other with one click though Smile

Maybe PP 12 will rectify this, I have been selected for the beta but still waiting for the Mac version to be available
Hi Skids,

I'll pass on your suggestion about turning off each eye.

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