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File size of studio edition

I have been using the studio edition for some time with my D7K and it works well. However I find that PP is crashing when attempting to process files produced by my D800. I suspect its the file size. Can anyone please confirm the file limit of the studio edition? I don't really want to upgrade the the Studio 64 because Im not a pro but at this point the program is not usable for me.

I think somewhere in this forum, someone is having the same issue as you. D800 files seem to be too big.
Im not suprised. I'll do a search but it pretty much rules out me using Portrait pro as much. I cant really upgrade so I guess I'll need to export to Jpeg and then try it
Hi Iscariot,

Can you please send us a copy of your RAW file so that we can diagnose what's happening? The image will be used only for testing and will be deleted once testing is complete. If that's alright with you please send a copy to support1234@anthropics.com and mark it as "D800 RAW For Arjun". If the file is too big to attach, we'd recommend using a service such as dropcanvas.com to upload and send to us.

Once again apologies that this is affecting your use of PP, but rest assured we'll do what we can to find out what's happening and what we can do to resolve it.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
I just tested a few D800 NEF files on my computer and they are opened without problem.

My config: Windows 7/64 professional
PP: Studio 32

For your information, I also manage to open images from my Hasselblad with 39M pixels. I just tested using PP V10 and it also open without problem. This used to be a problem.

Note that I am only testing the ability to open and didn't do any editing.

D800 RAW files are 40-50M bytes in size. Hasselblad 39M is 47-48 M bytes.

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