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Can you?
Can you run both version 10 & 11 at the same time on one PC,
I hear there are some bugs in 11 would like to keep 10 until bugs are fixed in 11
Hi Winky,

We've resolved many of the issues that users have reported in a recent update to version 11, so this shouldn't dissuade you from installing v11.

We would normally recommend against running v10 and v11 on the same machine as it may cause conflicts when using PP as a plugin. However, I've taken a look at your license and as you were automatically upgraded you will be able to download both the v10 and v11 builds on your license page. so if you enter your existing token here: http://pprof.com/licenses it will take you to your licenses page, where you will have the download links to the latest installers for both v11 and v10. So if you do wish to return to v10 you will be able to download the installer from your licenses page and use the same token to activate. (I personally think v11 is far superior and think you'll prefer the improvements)

Hope this helps,

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Thanks so very much. I uninstalled 10. I'm running 11, I Like what I see so for.

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