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Background color affect the skin
I am using blue background. I found that when I brush close (not touching) to the edge of the skin, the background colour is being duplicated onto the skin area causing a blueish streak on the skin. At the same time, the blue background has the halo effect if I ever apply brush over it.

To restore the blue background is easy enough (just use the restore brush).

Anyone has a workaround other than using the restore brush and finish off the last bit with PS?

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Hi williamting,

I've responded in another thread, but as you've already deduced, it's an issue with the Skin/hair area bleeding out into the background. As we release new updates to the software, we're constantly improving the new auto-detection. We hope to continue to do so, so that the skin/hair area is found more accurately and prevents this issue from arising.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Thanks, Arjun. I am sure that the developers are working hard to resolve issues.

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