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Saved Project
So I'm working on a photo. Save the project. Go back and finish the project and save it as a jpeg. Should I delete the saved project file manually or what.

No idea! Why don't you just look at the folder to check the existence of the project file.
I know the file is there. It does not go away after you are finished and save your work. Should we delete the project file.
IMHO, I think you could delete the file otherwise, it is going to eat into your storage space. When a photo is finalised, the project file is of not much use unless a revisit is intended. If the project files are left behind, they will simply clog up our disk with too many file of the same picture - RAW, JPG, PSD, maybe TIFF.

I realised that I have many files of the same image and I simply don't know when to delete them, especially the RAW files. Do you delete them? Or you have the same issue as me?
Ha, I am thinking I need to buy another hard drive just to store files, 1 tb or larger. Maybe 2.
(11-13-2012, 06:36 AM)Franklin Wrote: Ha, I am thinking I need to buy another hard drive just to store files, 1 tb or larger. Maybe 2.

I bought 1TB just about 6 months ago and it is now filled to the brim!

Come to think about it, I bought a 10M (yes 10M only) in 1985 and it took me real long to fill it half full. Then in 1987, I bought a 100M hard disk and I said to myself that it will never be filled for the next 10 years.

Now, just one RAW image is 50M! And 1TB is really not that big anymore. I need to head to the computer store soon.
I had an older version and now just converted to Mac and have the upgrade. It used to be when i was completed with the PP steps that i simply save and it would take me directly back to photoshop. With the new version it appears I have to rename to save. Seems like that is an extra step... am I missing something or not understanding correctly....
Susan, my understanding is that you must use PP plugin and open the image from PS. I think the plugin is available only for the studio version. Please do check this out.

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