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Here's a feature - How about make it work???
    So I've had this software for a long time now, and I haven't had much need to use it until now although I've used it sporadically for over a year now. I'm very familiar with the interface, and I've upgraded to version 10.8 for the Mac, running on Snow Leopard. The problem I'm experiencing has happened in ALL of the iterations of this product, which is a huge reason why I haven't used it. I have reinstalled the product several times and have gone through several major upgrades.

I have included an example of the problem I'm experiencing. Now it's happening since the 10.8 upgrade today on every, single, image. I am not using any strange or exotic settings, just the normal presets that come with the product. Look specifically at the mouth area and let me know if this doubling affect is an 'undocumented feature' or something you have a fix for.

BTW, I would have put this in the support ticket forums, but despite the fact that I've registered three separate user IDs I cannot create a ticket. Is this also normal behavior for your support system?


Your extremely frustrated and out of patience customer.

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Hi mprizant,

It appears from the corrupted image that the mark up for the mouth hasn't been accurately set, which would explain the doubling up. If this isn't the case can you please send us an example by saving a session by going to File> Save Session and send it to support1234@anthropics.com marking it for Arjun. For an immediate fix, you can move the sliders for the mouth in Face Sculpt Controls to 0 to return the sculpture of the mouth back to the original image.

We're not sure what type of issue you're experiencing with our support system, and no other customers have reported a similar issue. Can you tell us more about what happens when you try and submit a ticket? We'll look into both these problems as soon as we can.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi mprizant,

I am also very sure that the outline for the mouth wasn't correctly marked. This same issue also applied to the eyes and if they weren't correctly marked, you will get unwanted lines/image.

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