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Do any Admins read these forums anymore....
.....or do they just choose to ignore us?

Nobody is giving any info on Ver 11 (Duke Nukem version)

It appears that no Admins answer any questions and whenever there is a version change (Not 11 obviously!) they have to be asked several times before deciding whether or not to let us into the secret of what has changed.

People probably see me as a moaner but come on, its getting pretty tiresome now with the lack of info or even advice.
I think the lack of a response on this post speaks volumes!
Skids, I thought I saw the Admin around answering one of the queries. But they have chosen to keep quiet about giving away any info on V11 which is quite understandable... you heard of "Non-disclosure clause" in employment agreement? They will be dismissed immediately if they leak anything out! I am sure that they have similar thing in their employment.

If they work for me, I will make sure that they don't disclose anything as this is trade secret.

I hope I don't sound like supporting their silence but just try to understand their situation.
I appreciate that but it would be good if they could provide a more realastic timescale on the release date.

I have worked on a helpdesk before and my experience is if the customers are kept up to date even if the news isn't good on a problem they are more willing to accept it rather than being kept in the dark.

If Anthropics said something like 'Due to problems encountered, the new version wont be out for another 6 months' I would be happy with that because at least I would know the situation.

Plus giving information like that stope maoners like me constantly pestering Wink
Skids, I see where you are coming from. Yes, I fully agree with you. That is managing expectation. A little update like what you have suggested would help us know that someone is still working on the new version.
I see PP is no longer offering "free upgrade to version 11" with new purchasers anymore? is this good or bad?
(08-16-2012, 03:44 AM)photog Wrote: I see PP is no longer offering "free upgrade to version 11" with new purchasers anymore? is this good or bad?

If you go to the website, you will see the seal that says free upgrade to 11. No release date has been given at least I have not heard, but I'm only a moderator so I am not in that loop. Even if I knew, I could not release that information until I was informed by the company.
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