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Saving back to Lightroom
I have set up PP as an external editor in Lightroom3. What I need to know is there a way to save from PP back to lightroom so your finished product show up in LR. I choose edit a copy with lightroom settings, which creates a copy of the image in TIFF format, but when I am done in PP, I have tried Save as, Save, Save Jpeg / Tiff, and Save session. They all seem to save the picture to the folder specified (which is the folder they came from) , but when I go back to LR there is only the copy TIFF, No file with the _pp in the name, and no PP edited file. I could always go back to LR and import the file I just saved back into LR, but it doesn't seem you should have to do that. Probably a simple answer. Thanks in advance for your help.

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