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photographer pricing model outdated?
If I tell you how much I am charging, I think I am probably worse than what a beggar make in a day! Ok... LOL, I set my own price, and if they don't want my service, I am ok. Translated, I think I charge US$800 for a whole day shooting. US$100 for an hour of my time. For a 11"x14" print, I charge US$120.

One of my most expensive group photos sold an estimated US$2500 (8"x24" and one 16"x24" - customer wanted to see the house). It was taken with a Hasselblad and the result was stunning.

(I extrapolated the prices here for US market and I think US service fee is about 3x here).

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RE: photographer pricing model outdated? - williamting - 02-20-2012, 06:48 AM

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