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photographer pricing model outdated?
Is it just me or does it seem that depending on photo print package sales for profit is outdated? Other than particular circumstances who wants prints?
When is the last time somebody pulled out their wallet to show you a photo of their family?
Yes I do know that outside the internet families still like to have that family photo on their wall. Part of my self marketing includes some 20"x30" prints that I have framed and take with me when promoting. I want people to see the quality of work I am capable of. And encourage them when they get their photos to make the prints they desire to have.

Let's face it-cell phone pics look like really good quality on facebook-now let's see them go 20"x30". LOL

Even the general person has their pic collection of facebook, etc and will direct you their to view them-not a photo album (oh oh dating myself).

My business model includes selling the customer the copyright of prints on a CD, and optimizing them for certain size prints.

Please give me feedback. Let me know what you think, and how you price your work.

If I tell you how much I am charging, I think I am probably worse than what a beggar make in a day! Ok... LOL, I set my own price, and if they don't want my service, I am ok. Translated, I think I charge US$800 for a whole day shooting. US$100 for an hour of my time. For a 11"x14" print, I charge US$120.

One of my most expensive group photos sold an estimated US$2500 (8"x24" and one 16"x24" - customer wanted to see the house). It was taken with a Hasselblad and the result was stunning.

(I extrapolated the prices here for US market and I think US service fee is about 3x here).

hasselblad--wow.. I can only hope.. What do you think of selling the copyright rights instead of prints? (in most cases)..
I noticed you are in Malaysia. I don't know how the print accessibility is there. In America there are many location points where people print from their SD cards, and now from their Iphone. I work in a retail outlet that has print service.
Many customers are disappointed and feel cheated when we do not allow them to make copies of copyrighted materials.

If your print is good enough to be sold, I think whatever form of reward, as long as you are happy, is good! Worse is that people steal photo like nobody business! Big establishment used my photos on their menu or catalogue without my permission. Worse, they even pointed out that those photos are mind! Smile There is no credit even. I told them that the least they could do is to acknowledge that the prints are from me.
We can print very easily here. No problem at all. 4R retail is US0.20. We also have a few print stations around.
It is very honourable to prevent copyrighting. I think they should be stopped. I knew many will feel unhappy but respecting another person's piece of work is important.
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