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Newbie nose problem
I've done my 1st 5 photos and the results were amamzing - except for this one: I've done something wrong with the nose. Is there something I can do to fix it without starting over? If I have to start over, what did I do wrong?

I've attached the original so you can see that the nose was fine.

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When you use the touch up brush, you just have to be careful where you are brushing. What you have done was that you brush the nostril shadow when you shouldn't do.
Try adjusting the size of the touch up brush as appropriate. Before you hit save and exit, have a a final look to ensure that you didn't accidentally brush areas you shouldn't. If you did, just use the Restore Brush. Set the restore brush strength to something lower.
In this case, you have to redo.
Thanks for the reply. I am new at this and haven't done anything except go thru the steps of selecting the eyes, nose, mouth and face. I don't know why it wiped out the one nostril.
But you are doing very well! It is just part of the learning curve and don't be surprised that I am still committing such error.

Keep it up and I am sure you will produce great work!


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