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Portriat Has One Eve Showing
Hello Friends at PP,

I am working with a portrait with the hair covering one of the subjects eyes. Is there a way to delete one of the eye detector and its points?

Thank you!
I am not aware of the possibility to delete one of the eyes. But does it really matter if you leave it there? I always ignore it, esp when one of the eyes is partially covered.
Just wondering, are you specifically interested to adjust the eye? Otherwise, you can just switch off both eyes using "Hide Eye Controls".
Not sure if the above is of any help to you.
I realize this is an old thread but I was searching for the same answer and I figured out somewhat of a 'work around'. When hair is covering one eye of your subject go ahead and select the corners as if you could see the eye. One the outline is applied grab each handle and drag them on top of each other. Do the same for the hidden eyebrow as well. When you finish you should have basically 2 spots in that area, 1 for the eye and 1 for the brow.

If there is a better way to do this please post it here. A lot of models cover an eye with their hair as they are moving around.

Steve Thomas

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