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exporting saved sliders
Hi folks,

Just bought 2 copies. I've got the sliders absolutely perfect on my machine and saved them. Now, I want to get a copy of my slider settings to my counterpart, but there's no way to export the sliders that I can find.

How do I export my saved sliders?

I have never done this before. However, I found that on my Win7 the system kept your sliders in here: C:\Users\** user name **\AppData\Roaming\Anthropics\PortraitProfessional\UserSavedSliders

How about you copy the new slider from this directory to your other computer and try it out. Remember to restart PP.

Let us know how it goes.
Hi and thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I'm on a Mac so that folder doesn't exist.

In Leopard I found that it saves them in "User/Library/Application Support/Anthropics/....", but who knows where in Lion?


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