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Huge Pixels ..
I'm having a lot of fun with it, But, Tend to overdo for some reason ( Getting better though) and learn something new often!
Thankyou, And You have Blessed Christmas too!! .. P.S. ... Hope you don't mind, I was just curious, Do you have special site you use to store your photos when you have worked on them?
Good that you have fun with PP.

No, I have not stored any photos offline, However, sometimes I uploaded my photos to my facebook. This is one of my albums: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a...642&type=3
I looked at your facebook photos, Very Nice! You do a good job! ( Love that burnt orange background you use)
If you ever want to take a quick peak at some of my photos, Go to Pbase.com and put irislynx in the search box. ~ I enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing the link! Been practicing in my spare time and gettig a lot better at not overdoing the photos! Hope you had a great Christmas!
Thanks. Your photos are very nice! Thanks for the link.
By the way, that burnt orange background is made by Lastolite.
YW! And "Thankyou" for looking and signing some of the photos! 2 of the photos you commented on won in a photo contest ( Pond Of Glass and the one with the Passion-flower just won 2 weeks ago) I was checking out Lastolite's background backdrops at B&H Photo, they have nice coloring in them!!
William, Thanks again for your comments. I unfortunately do not have any type of Photo Shop, I agree that it would be a good idea to darken the background of the rain-beaded plant, But, I can't do it with what I have for a program to work on my photos, I can do some, But, Not anything that has a lot of detail to it.
I was wondering, Have you ever tried Digital backgrounds? ~ I tried them for the first time a few days ago and like the results.
You have plenty of nice photos in pbase!

Actually, there are free software you could use, but less sophisticated than photoshop and LR. I use photoscape for some quick effects. Free software has limitation ... I could be wrong here or being biased.

All the photos in this album are edited using PP: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a...642&type=3

Most of the photos were taken at offices or at function hall. I first edit the photos using PP, then removed the background and replace them with digital background.
I took a picture of the real burnt orange bg from lastolite and use it for background replacement - this is due to customer's request as they like that bg.

The kids photos were on digital background (except 2 of them) which I got them for free.
For background replacement, you may consider using green/blue screen as there are software which can remove them "easily". Again, they cost money for the better ones.

TY William! You have Very Nice photos on FB too!

I tend to be afraid sometimes of downloading anything on the web because there are so many fake sites out there with a lot of bugs in them. I did PP because I had seen the website in a magazine and just went right to the website and as you mentioned, I believe that the free sites have a lot more limitation then the actual programs tha could be bought. I use Paint Shop Pro right now and for the most part, It does a lot of the things that I would like to do to photos, But, It has it's limitations too, It's not as good as what you have.

You really did do a great job with your FB images! ( Thanks again for the link) I can see now where some of the backgrounds were changed, It's awful that I didn't really notice it before, I guess I was looking more at how the people in the photos were done instead of paying attention to the background. ( Looks good!) ( Lopve that burnt Orange! It just tends to stand out to me)

I was definately considering getting the blue or green Chromakey background for easier removal of the photos, I pretty much just copy cut and paste the images right now.

I'm trying to invest a bit in in some more studio equipment to ( hopefully) get some better photos, I got barndoors, Colored Gels, Diffusers, Ect. and in the process of picking some reflectors. Got a couple books to try some different ideas on lighting ect. I don't have anyone to show me how to do anything so I'm doing everything through trial and error and reading, But, Getting better at it, Slow process, But, It's a hobby that I really enjoy, So, I'll learn as I go.

I posted a photo on here to the "Critique" forum and now I'm kind of embarrased that I did that because I really "Overdid" that particular photo, But, I'll know better next time to do a better job before posting something! lol! Do you ever have a problem with PP leaving black sxpots/lines on your images? Mine tend to do that sometimes and I don't know why, Maybe it's because I over do it when working on the photos.
Don't worry about your "critique" post. Wink You're likely to get differing opinions on what's too much and what isn't. Personally, I like the results to improve the image (prettier/more handsome and younger) but in a believable way--not totally fantasy. BUT, having said that, there really is no rule against how much you can change an image. Mostly, whatever the subject likes is all the approval you need. Smile

BTW, the backgrounds are nice but they will still require some extraction technique. Also, if the subject(s) stand too close to them, they get the light off the backgrounds. Besides reading about this in books, some of the portraits provided to me (on a green background) to work up advertising/CD case/jacket, etc. have shown a green fringe around the edges of the subjects. So, one has to be careful. Wink
A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of "up to and including my life".
Always different opionions in critique, But, I do like to know what people think, But, You are so right in saying that it's what the subject thinks that matters, But, That can be a touchy situation too as many people know absolutely nothing about photography and seek others to do there photos and as you know , There are many good photographers and bad ones out there and most subjects won't know the difference as long as there photo looks halfway decent.

Yes, If you don't stand away from the background a certain distance you will definately get bounce, Especially with a highkey white background. I like the darker backgrounds best. Must have definately had bounce of something to have that fringing around the edges and thats hard to clean up sometimes, Yes, One does have to be careful Smile

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