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Huge Pixels ..
Hi All! I'm new to PP, I got the trial PP first and then got the basic one to work with, Loved it when I tried the trial! Now, I have a problem when I load a file to work on, It ends up being huge pixels, Theres no way you can use the tracing ( Outlining) tool on it because the pixels are so big you can't barely see the picture ( face) ... I have tried all sized photos and it ends up doing the same thing almost everytime, Once in a while it works right, But, The majority of the time it doesn't. ... Hope someone can help me with this, Is it something I'm doing wrong or???
This happens after you finish the outline of the face and PP automatically zoom in to the eyes, etc for you to do "fine tuning". The zoom is often exaggerated, thus giving you the huge pixels.
I have highlighted this in my wish list for 2012 hoping that PP developer will give us an option to zoom out a bit, perhaps just 100%!
The only way I overcome this problem is to take pictures with high enough resolution. The higher the better.

Thankyou so much for your reply, And it usually does happen when outlining the face, And I usually do use high resolution photos but it doesn't seem to make a difference for me. I don't understand why with some photos it works and with other's it won't, It does creat quite the problem as you can't work on a photo thats got huge pixels. Hope there is a solution soon.
What sort of resolution are you using? Also, even if you have high resolution and the person you edit in the photo is very small, say, only 10% of the area, then you will expect "large pixel". Another potential problem is the sharpness of face. Try viewing it at 100% on your screen.

I normally shoot at 12M pixel portrait.
I shoot at 10mp, And thankyou for the info update! I've tried doing a few more photos today, And they seem to have done ok, So I'm still kind of stumped about why some work and why some don't, Sorry, I don't mean to sound so dumb, But, This is all new to me.
No, not at all dumb! I go through the same learning curve and I was also frustrated at the beginning. Now, once you understand how to "tame PP" (don't mean that PP is so bad), you are on the way to do productive and enjoyable work! Have fun, shoot more and enjoy!
Thankyou for the uplift answere! when I get it to work right, I love the results, It's a lot of fun, Need to get better at it though, Sometimes I do great at it, Sometimes not, Have you been using it a long time?
Yes, I just checked the other day and time really flies. I have been using PP for some four years now since the early version. At that time, they had one very "interesting bug" as the edited image could suddenly be corrupted and produces a "scary" image. But that was history as the geniuses at PP quickly fixed it.
Their support team is very effective and friendly. Do use them!
Yes, Time goes by fast for sure! 4 years, You must be really good at using it then! I'm glad they fixed that bug for you when it came out, Doing the work and then having the image corrupted must have been so aggravating for you! Most all programs have bugs to be worked out but sounds like pp gets right on the problems. ~thanks so much for all your help
I don't claim to be very good with pp. It was only for the last one year that I used it more extensively. I am still finding new things.
If you do find bug, do report them.
Have a blessed Christmas! Smile

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