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is the RAW option available in trial?

I downloaded the trial version but cannot find the RAW option. Am I missing something or is it not in the trial? Is there a trial version of Protrait Professional Studio or are the RAW features unlocked if you enter a licence code?

Programs opening RAW formats can be very choosy if they want to open them or not. Example: Photoshop CS2 will not open Canon 40D RAW CR2 files.

BTW great program

thanks in advance.
Hi Photojohn,

Camera RAW files are supported on Studio editions, but not on the standard version. To find out the advantages of the various Editions of Portrait Professional, please take a look at our Editions Page.

If you would like to download a trial of the Studio version to try your RAW images, take a look at our Studio Trial download.

We hope this helps.
Anthropics Technology Ltd.
This sealed the deal for me! Great to be able to directly open CRW files.
It is not readily obvious from, either, the Main website page, nor from the Editions web page, where or how to obtain the Studio Version. A direct link to the Studio Home Page (or direct link to the download for the Studio Version from the Editions page) would be helpful for many, who, like me, shoot RAW nearly all the time. It was only after I discovered these Forums and the post regarding the Studio Trial version that I was able to test the Studio version with *.cr2 and 16 Bit TIF files.

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