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Better Token Generator
FredSpencer Wrote:Gary dealt with a problem for me very quickly and efficiently. The customer service I received was better than most other experiences I have had.

I started this thread and I think I need to address something that I feel this thread is begining to be.

I NEVER for one second was complaining about the service, I was just making a suggestion in the "Feature Requests" forum so that a person doesn't have to always be available to reply to our emails.

After all people do need time off, My suggestion was just to help the programmers make it easy on themselves, I only told what happened to me to show what can happen.

There have been others who couldn't use the program due to the invaild token, I can't speak for them but I use a great program called RoboForm and no matter how many times I reinstall it all I have to do is enter my email address and order # and it's activated.
Portrait Professional is a great program and I think would be better with a better way to activate it after a new install.

This thread wasn't started as a complaint thread.

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