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Better Token Generator
I bought Portrait Professional and unfortunately installed it on my computer only a few days before I built my new system.  So when I re-installed Portrait Professional on my new computer I found the token I had was no long any good.  Of course with my luck this happened on a weekend and I assume and hope the developers take the weekends off, so I have been frustrated that I couldn't get a new token and use the program.

I would hope you come up with a better way to register the program because I for one do fresh installs about every 6 -12 months  just so that I keep a nice fresh system.  I can see this will be a problem with the current Token system.

I totally realize that this may be a small company and deserve time off but still it's very frustating to not be able to use a program you bought.

I did go through the process to get another token and I'm sure Monday morning I'll get one but Monday isn't Friday night when I needed it.

Thanks for allowing me to vent, you have a awesome program !!!!

I have been working through both of the weekends you mention issuing tokens to people who email us wanting to re-install the software.

When you send an email to support@anthropics.com or support@portraitprofessional.com you will automatically receive a reply that tells you how to get in touch with a real person, and that is normally me. I will then send you a token and information on how to download the software.

If you don't get the automatic reply it will be because of spam protection at your mailbox. This seems to be a particular problem for yahoo, aol, and comcast email addresses although it will also depend on your personal settings. When this happens I try sending the same emails from various other email accounts until something gets through. Another way to contact us is with a private message in the forums.

Anthropics Technology
Gary dealt with a problem for me very quickly and efficiently. The customer service I received was better than most other experiences I have had.
Regards, Fred

Progress has little to do with speed,
but much to do with direction
FredSpencer Wrote:Gary dealt with a problem for me very quickly and efficiently. The customer service I received was better than most other experiences I have had.

I started this thread and I think I need to address something that I feel this thread is begining to be.

I NEVER for one second was complaining about the service, I was just making a suggestion in the "Feature Requests" forum so that a person doesn't have to always be available to reply to our emails.

After all people do need time off, My suggestion was just to help the programmers make it easy on themselves, I only told what happened to me to show what can happen.

There have been others who couldn't use the program due to the invaild token, I can't speak for them but I use a great program called RoboForm and no matter how many times I reinstall it all I have to do is enter my email address and order # and it's activated.
Portrait Professional is a great program and I think would be better with a better way to activate it after a new install.

This thread wasn't started as a complaint thread.
You can now transfer licenses to different computers without needing to email us. Simply use the following link:


Thank you very much for this transfer system!!
I am unable to activate my copy of potrait professional
Can you guys please improve on the activation method, probably sending a new token code via the registered email address?
I have sent emails but yet to hear reply!!

This problem seriously have to be address!!
Am I going to face this problem everytime I re-install my operating system????
This thread was last replied to 3 years ago when it was resolved by us improving the license manager.

If you need an extra activation please contact our customer support people by opening a ticket and they will help.


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