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Does your PortraitProfessional "Inactivate" itself?
Yes - I've seen the same problem.

The activation / copy protection system with Portrait Professional is way too sensitive to machine changes!

It's unproductive from a anti-pirate scheme. Being over sensitive only causes legitimate customers pain.

There are a few options available that I can see:

1) If PP detects a change in the hardware- deactivate the license on a timer. Allow the user to keep using the software with warnings for 5 days incase this happens over a public holiday period or weekend.

2) Reduce the sensitivity of the copy protection system. Making minor changes to the system hardware shouldn't cause this problem! Why not generate a fingerprint from a combination of basic system hardware? (HDD Serial + CPU or Mother board serial for instance)

3) Allow users to transfer licenses, or deactivate online again. (I believe this was once an option... it's been taken away now???)

4) Maybe allow 2 activations of the same key with a warning? This way a user can activate the new install, and have time to contact PP in the next few days to deactivate the old / incorrect / out of date fingerprint.

There may be other option / features that can be added to assist in this too. There does become a point where anti-pirate features go to far and start to become counter-productive and I believe this is happening with PP.

Please PortraitProfessional - consider making some changes, and help out your legitimate customers!

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