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red eye removal
I am looking at the trial software (v 10) to see if I should buy it. It is definitely a time saver and does a good job. My only problem is removing red eyes effectively. I've tried clicking on the "Red Eye Removal" box and the center of the pupil changes to a green color, but there is still an outer edge of red. (I read in an earlier post about why that happens and checking the 'red eye removal' box is for backwards compatibility.) When I use the sliders in the Eye Control section I don't get good results either. When I adjust the slider in the darken pupil section it only effects the outer edge of the pupil, leaving the middle red. I have reselected the eyes many times and tried again, with no improvements. I use CS5 Photoshop and I don't like what the red eye removal tool does to the pictures. I usually make a selection and use Hue Saturation to remove the red. It is laborious. I wish this software had the answer. Am I overlooking something? Perhaps I am not doing something right.
Is it possible to post a picture on the forum so I can give it a go and see if I can get a better result? It's possible there's something you've done wrong. It's also possible we can improve our product in that regard.

admin Wrote:Is it possible to post a picture on the forum so I can give it a go and see if I can get a better result?  It's possible there's something you've done wrong.  It's also possible we can improve our product in that regard.


Hi Tony,

I tried to fix the red eyes again this morning to see if I could get it right today - no luck. I noticed when I used the "Darken Pupils" slider under the 'show eye controls' tab, that the irises darkened. Attaching the picture I have worked on many times (my son and his bride after a long wedding reception!)

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Tony,

Did you ever figure out why I couldn't get the results I wished with the red eye removal?

I bought the software this morning. I hope you guys can fix the red eye dilemma. Perhaps it's me that needs to fix something... don't know.

My Best, Catherine
Hi Catherine,

I did try your picture and I agree with you, in this case Portrait Professional doesn't give a particularly good result, briefly because the red eye has spilled over into the green channel. It's certainly something we could improve. I'd be interested to hear if it's a common problem that when removing red-eye pupils end up green.

Hi Tony,

I 'purchased' program seems to 'work' better than the Trial version. The slider on the darken pupil acted oddly in the Trial version, but it did what it was supposed to do in your standard version. But, I couldn't get the results I wanted with the eyes with your red eye removal, nor can I get it with Photoshop. I have to go in an do 'major surgery' many times to make the eyes look okay. Sometimes the red eye removal works in both programs (Portrait Professional and Photoshop), but that's when the pupil is very small.

Appreciate your help, Catherine
I've been playing with a new approach to red eye reduction. What do you think of the results in the attached image?


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Wow, that is a major improvement. If you can incorporate that action in your program, that would be a major help to many people. Sometimes I want a simple "click" and you are done (with the red eyes).

Ok, the new red eye removal algorithm will be available in the next free update to Portrait Professional. I'm not sure when that will be available, some time in the next few weeks. I'll try and remember to post here when it is out though.

Great! People are going to love it! Thank you.

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