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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
Hello, any body out there????
Hi Annie,

We are listening, although I'm not sure there's much we can do unfortunately. Out of all our users, no one else is having this particular problem, even with larger files and the vast majority of them have average PCs. If we had a business that sold cheap software only to people with super expensive work stations, we would be out of jobs a long time ago. If you've sent our support team your pictures and they work fine on our computers, it's something specific to your particular PC setup that is very unusual. The best course of action for you is probably to get a refund.

Hi tony
No one had asked me to send images to see if they could open them in support, guess cos the files would be too big to email, anyhow, you got me thinking, so I've tried to open the 'offending' images on another pc, and although the spec of the pc was much lower than mine, it managed to open it?? So could there be a glitch in my pc that dont like PP. I've mailed support back and going to look at swoping it over onto the laptop, then in the not to distant future buy a new pc, mines not that old, but I had been thinkin of upgrading this year, so.... it was your comment about the something specific to my pc that is unusual, no idea what, but is kinda looking a possiblilty..
Hi Annie,

One can only guess what might be unusual about your PC without actually looking at it. Whatever it is, it's not something we've seen before, and we do have lots of people using the software. Thanks for your patience and I hope we can get you up and running soon.

I started to open a problem ticket, when I decided to look in the Forum.  I checked the Support area first and I was extremely disappointed with the Support part of the web site.

So let's establish a few points first:

1. I am a newbie to Portrait Professional.  I just downloaded 10.1's TRIAL.  Haven't even considered a license yet, just wanted to see what it could do.  Hmm...glad I haven't laid out any duckets yet...

2. I am posting to the forum in Annie C's defense.  I may not have the worlds most expensive computer, but it aint cheap either.  Never had a memory problem, until now.  It is an HP M7767 (Media PC), with an Intel Dual Core 6600 at 2.4 Ghz.

3.  With my normal load (stuff that runs in the background, but no open programs) I am consuming 1024Mb.  I have 4Gb installed.  And I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit), so even Win7 doesn't even recognize all 4 Gig.  (According to Win7, only 3.25 Gig is recognizable.)

4. Load PP 10.1 and my ram usage does not effectively change.  So far so good.  Here are where things go south...

I try to load a 18.5 Mb .jpg.  Kerboom...doesn't even open up in PP 10.

Then I tried to load a 10.2 Mb .jpg.  Kerboom....doesn't even open up in PP 10.

So, let's cut the file size in half again, a 5.1 Mb .jpg.  Oops, it loaded.  I'll be d...

Let's click next.  Got the left eye pinned.  Click next, got the right eye pinned.  Then the nose.  Wow, this thing works (almost)...

(Cutting out all the middle stuff...) and just hit enhance....Kerboom, out of memory error (again).

I shoot with a Nikon D80.  Not an expensive (by today's standard) camera.  But it works for me.  And I would really like to be able to enhance some of my friends photos.

Annie C has a problem.  I have a problem.  PP 10.1 isn't cutting it.  And the duckets are staying put in my pocket.

[For what it is worth, before hitting Post, I loaded a 1.4Mb .jpg and tried that.  Ooo, I got a finished product with a big fat "TRIAL".  I know, its the trial version.  That's not the point.  PP 10.1 actually managed to enhance a 1.4 Mb .jpg!]
x64 Windows will "see" the full 4Gb RAM. 32bit Windows has always had that limitaton.

From my personal experience I've noticed that disabling the page (swap) file in Windows has given me, in general, the most speed gain out of any other software change I can make. Obviously this has to be done when a significant amount of RAM is available. Typically I find that it works nicely with +2GB of RAM. The only issues I've ever really had were loading up Adobe Photoshop.
In order to actually turn it off, you must not just set it to 0MB, but disable it. Otherwise Windows will just expand it when it needs to in order to meet its needs.
I've had some issues recently with my computer in general....memory problems and CPU going wild while running some image software...crashes, errors....you name it....turned out....I have several other programs that followed all my activity...including two backup programs.....I removed one of my backup programs and I disable the others while running my imaging software....perhaps having a Ghost program running is causing a hang while they are running this new software....I just got Pp10...I've only used a few times and so far have had no problems...however I haven't used any raw files yet....just thought I would mention this in case it helps someone figure out their particular problem.
Hi Myers,

We are keen to try and fix your problem, but it unfortunately is not as simple as it sounds. We have plenty of people using pictures from the D80 and much higher megapixel count cameras (it's the megapixel count that affects memory usage, not jpg size as the image is uncompressed when we work with it) all the time with no problems. So far the only two users we are aware of that are having problems with cameras less than around 30 megapixels are you and Anne C. As I say, we are keen to get to the bottom of this problem, so I'm sending you a private message to get some more information.

As I'm a member and Frequent Portrait-Images Poster of the well known site PHOTO.NET I will also announce the problems with this version of PP version 10 on the PHOTO.NET forum if no solution is offered within a short period of time.

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