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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
Hi Anne,

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with the software. Could you tell us how many megapixels the image you are trying to load is? With pictures from most cameras Portrait Professional Studio should work fine, easily up to 20 megapixels. I believe that although this new edition did have some problems at launch with images smaller than that, we have resolved those problems now. It's also possible there is a bug in the software that just affects your camera, so opening up a support ticket would be the best way of resolving that.

However, with high end cameras we do have another product tier: Portrait Professional Studio 64 which can process much larger images. Obviously if you can get away with not upgrading that would be better for you, so you should open a support ticket to see if there is a specific problem with your camera that we can resolve first.

In the interim, here are a few tips to help you for now: Try turning off 16 bit support in the color settings. If you have problems saving, try saving a PP session file, quit the software, then restart it and load the PP file then try saving again.

Hi Tony

I was trying to save as pp session files, also tried saving as Tiff and jpg.  I'll check the 16 bit but I usually only work in 8 bit.  Camera is a Canon 5 D Mk1 so 12million megapixals. I also have a 1DMK2 which is 8million MP  Have re-booted, restarted and tried again till I'm blue in the face.  

I've tried working on Tiffs and much small jpgs and still same issues.  Its now at the point its EVERY Image I try to work on.  Did work fine to start with, then got progressively slow and then started to throw up the errors.  I've submited a ticket to see what I get from there, thats a bit of a bind as the PC that I use for image processing has no internet connection.  I've always kept it as a stand alone one purley for this.
Hi Annie,

For 12 MP Portrait Professional should have no problems at all, even with old versions of PP, so I wouldn't worry about updating to the latest version.

We have had problems in the past with a specific raw format that was causing memory issues (which is now fixed), but if you have tried using jpegs and are still getting problems it can't be that.

One problem people have had in the past is that there is a setting in Photoshop that means it takes up all your computer's memory, leaving none for other software. Closing down Photoshop before using PP would be a good way to test if that is the problem.

Already tried that, and ensured nothing else is running in the background. I've not even tried to convert from RAw yet, program didnt even work for 2 days!
It sounds like you've already tried the obvious things, so it sounds like there must be some specific issue with your system. I appreciate this must be very frustrating, but hopefully the support team can try and figure out what is wrong.

Hope so, I like the program and as I'm a professional Photographer, but I do it as a second imcome, (I also have a 9-5 job), obviously time is of the essence for me, so I cant be wasting time trying to get things to work, hence why I've had to go back to Photoshop. Shame as PP is now sitting there unusable. Frustrated perhaps not the word!
Just got  reply! Say download latest upgrade which I thought I had. Will do it and keep you posted, pretty p***d off you cant phone and and just ask the question like, I have V10.1.3, so there is an upgrage for that although I only bought it a week ago??

Faith is now going out the window!
Ok latest update, things worked fine for a couple of pics, as I do automotive photography also I didnt use it for a short while, now getting errors again.  Saved file, only minor changes, no skin smothing nothing, now although its saved i cant open it again in anything other than PP????? Error again now coming up cant open not enough RAM, now if it can open in PP, why cant CS5 open it??? if someone can explain that to me I'd be much appreciated! its not a large file by any streach of the imagination 60MB
I've just done a major fashion shoot and really would have loved to use it......

Now getting fed up as every time I want to use this program its giving me grief!!!!!!!!
Love how it works WHEN IT WORKS really cant be doing with sorting out 'clitches' everytime I want to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Old Photoshop !! thank christ that works everytime. Mid night oil for me tonight, that £40 this cost me would have supplied me with caffine to keep me awake!!
Ok, I have £4k worth of work station where I work during the day!! if it opens there then i guess its a PC problem, but to be fair---------------- who of us can afford £4k for a work station, this program should work on the average PC, which at the moment for me, its not doing,
Something is wrong and if its me, hey I'll hold my hands up!! but if not.
OK rant over back to CS5, dont you love it!!!!!!!!!!!! right now, i do.

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