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Suffix pp on potos edited in Port Prof
In the past (I am not sure which edition) photos saved after editing in portrait professional used to have the suffix pp after the file number which I always found extremely useful to readily identify which photos had been edited in this way. Has the system been changed or is there some way of activating this identifying code? If not it would be helpful if this coding could be reinstated in a future update. Thanks for any feedback on this issue.
I've just installed and activated v10.0 Standard and it's still adding the suffix pp to the end of edited file names. There must be something wrong with your installation royshopland, I'd suggest submitting a support request.

Open PP and then click "File" the "Settings" and check that "Don't Save Over Original Image" is checked and that "Add Suffix To Image Filename:" is set to "_pp"
"Don't Save over Original Image" is checked and "Add Suffix To Image filename" is set to "-pp but still no suffix appearing on the Lightroom file name or in My Pictures. The file shows "DSC_3483-Edit.tiff". I don't think it is relevant but I have been accessing Portrait Professional through Lightroom 3.3 as external editor and then using Close and Save.Any further thoughts would be appreciated. Many thanks
Try saving a modified image as a JPEG instead of a Tiff and see if that makes any difference
Salisbury Wrote:Try saving a modified image as a JPEG instead of a Tiff and see if that makes any difference

When using Port Prof as external editor using Lightroom 3.3 it is only possible to save as tiff or psd. I have tried using Port Prof as a standalone and then saving as a jpeg and lo and behold the suffix pp appears in the my pictures file!! Is this an anomoly or is there some way of saving as a jpeg when used as an external editor? Many thanks.
When PP is launched from Lightroom, the file is saved out from Lightroom at the end of the editing session, so PP has no control over the filename. So if you're using Lightroom as an editor, you could rename the file beforehand, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do in PP.


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