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Poll: Would you like auto face detection (as an option)?
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Face auto detection
I searched the "Feature requests" forum but couldn't find anything regarding auto-detection of facial features.

A lot of products include face auto-detection features, from hardware like cameras and software like Aperture or Picasa to online services like Facebook. The technology certainly has come a long way and already gives amazing results.

Since Portrait Professional is all about making portrait enhancing fast and easy, including such technology would definitely be a great feature and speed up our workflow very effectively. "True" batch processing would be possible, making manually outlining faces only necessary in those (hopefully rare) cases where auto-detection fails.

Maybe such detection technology is already available as a plug-in library, but even if it's not, its development would surely be worth the effort - I for one would happily pay twice as much for a version with this feature. As a professional photographer, not image editor, I'm all for anything that lets me spend more time behind the camera instead of in front of the computer.

Kind regards
-- Stefan Daniel Schwarz
We've been looking for a feature detection library for a while, but unfortunately we haven't found a high quality one that exists yet. Unfortunately the thing that cameras do to find faces isn't enough. It's a lot easier to roughly put a box around a face than exactly find specific points within the face. If anyone knows of any feature detection libraries that work at least in 90% of cases, then feel free to post them here!

There's Luxand FaceSDK and a trial copy can be downloaded from here http://www.newfreedownloads.com/download...ceSDK.html
While you're there, check out the Portrait Professional link !!!

Free to try ............. $3,950.00 to buy .......... Luxand not PP !!
For that price it just HAS TO BE GOOD ..............
Funny you should mention Luxand, we've already tried their software, and it was the best of all the ones we tried. Unfortunately, it still made too many mistakes for it to be useful. Still, they are improving the library, so it might prove useful at some point in the future.

Maybe this could be useful is free and open source and works with qt

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