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Re-activation of PP after clean instalation of Windows
neversaycant1 Wrote:
Gary Wrote:Hi, I replied to your email 2 hours after you sent it to the monitored email address.

Anthropics Technology Ltd

Gary I did receive an email which was an automated response e-mail
I have not received an e-mail with such a thread as listed above.


it's not in the spam folder either
Gary Wrote:Hi Mick,

ok, great to hear you are up and running again.

the same token won't work more than once so you have to send us an email when you want to re-install at the moment. We're going to add a web page soon that will make the process of re-installing automatic on our side, so you won't have to wait for somebody at Anthropics to do anything.

Anthropics Technology

can you try Neversaycant1@yahoo.com
or Neversaycant1@gmail.com ?
Hi, I've sent the same email from my private email account now to see if that gets through. If it doesn't just let me know and I'll leave a private message for you here in the forums.

Anthropics Technology
Hi Guys..

I have the exact same problem - re installed OS and needs reactivation. I mailed to support on support1234/support@anthropics.com but have not got any reply. I mailed from both my fotograf@arosfoto.dk and my yahoo account thc_cci@yahoo.dk but did not get any answer. Pleasse help me out i need this software to work - PLEASE!

best regards
Thorsten Clausen
Hi Thorsten,

I replied to you on 10th March at 13:36 just after you sent us the emails. I'll try sending you the same email from a gmail account in case that can get through.

all the best,
Anthropics Technology
The problem here is the unreliability of email. With so much spam around, and spam detection which can't be 100% reliable just by reading the content of emails, its not surprising that our emails can get missed or even automatically deleted.

If you email support@anthropics.com we will always send you an automatic reply giving you information which includes how to get in touch with us for re-installation and so on. If you don't get this automatic reply it is an indication that something is stopping our emails from reaching you.

If this happens the best thing is to leave "admin" a private message using the links at the top of this page, and we can then respond to you with another private message and communicate that way.

Anthropics Technology
You can now transfer licenses to different computers without needing to email us. Simply use the following link:


That's great Tony, now if I could only remember what address I had when I signed up !!!!!!!!
admin Wrote:That's correct, you just need to email support@anthropics.com to get the process started.  We do respond to every email, so make sure you have sent the email to the correct address.

Gary, I'm having the same problem that Mick had. I've sent e-mail to support@protraitprofessional.com 4 times now and have not recieved any reply. My hard drive crashed and I lost my token number. I have a copy of the conformation that I included in each e-mail I sent. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I also attempted to login and was denied access. It appears that I have been removed from your approved members. My e-mail is sistr01@hotmail.com.


I entered your email address to our license page http://portraitprofessional.com/licenses and I couldn't see any error messages. What was the link that you were trying to use?

What I did will have caused an email to be sent to you containing a link for managing your license. You can use this to disable your old license and issue yourself with a new token for installing Portrait Professional again.

Anthropics Technology

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