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First attempt
Just new to PP and would liked to know how to upload a picture?
Also what size should it be ?


Big Grin  Steve:

Nice work !!!

She should be very pleased with the results.
To upload a picture to the forum, create a new post then press Add Attachment.

Thank you Tony for the quick reply.

I am new so will work on a portrait and try to post.

Great job....great job on the eyes!!!
Well done. Just goes to show you that if you start with a great picture you get great results.
This is GREAT. One would NEVER know the photo was retouched - and that is the point of retouching. Excellent!
GPC Wrote:(CLICK TO VIEW LARGE IMAGES) You had GREAT results in retouching. I went a little further and eliminated the harsh shadows and harsh hight lights. Then I lightly sketched the results...

In my humble opinion, the one on the right looks too fake (look at the right side of the nose around the nostril). There is lightening the shadow and then there is totally washing it out.  Wink

The one on the left definitely looks better, relatively speaking.

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