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My Fav Model
I went a little overboard on this one, but I just had to experiment!

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This is Zanna, a charming young lady who was willing to pose for a few moments for me while she talked to my wife who works with her. I haven't done much fashion since I went to work as an expert witness and CSI photographer for the Los Angeles Public Defenders office.  I have done CSI on and off for the majority of the fifty years I have been a professional photographer. Fashion comes and goes, but murder is forever, and few of my crime scene subjects has ever complained about their portraits.

Portrait pro is the best product of it's kind I have ever used. Years ago I had to use diffusion to smooth a fashion models skin.  With Portrait Pro,  I can create a beautiful high fashion look.  I can create copies and Zanna can appear with her freckles, as a tom boy or as a glamorous model with the same image.


Aldo Panzieri

Aldo Panzieri Photography

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