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Continous ink feed supplier for Canon, Epson, HP & Brother

(10-14-2011, 11:02 PM)Kat999 Wrote: Kevin....where did you get a continuous ink feed for the 1400....I didn't even know they made one....mine uses the carts....and where do you find the ink? (Is it still the Claria Ink that comes with the Printer?)

This is the company:
Cobra Inkjet

It appears that they no longer offer the modified Epson 1400. They do have a CIS kit for it though:
1400 CIS Kit

Watch the video on that page, it will give you the idea of how it works. This company is one of the few that is easily contacted and has a product that works.

The Claria ink is only sold by Epson (via their expensive OEM cartridges). The Cobra ink is made in the USA, and so far has suited my purposes. There are several grades that can be used, however, it isn't convenient to switch between them; dye, pigment, and high temp (for T-shirt transfer).


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