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Eye Brow Issue
I downloaded the free trial version & I want to purchase it but am experiencing an issue with eye brows.
What do you do if the subject is, let's say, is wearing a hat & the eye brows are not exposed? Any ideas?

There are two ways to achieve what you want. The first is to guess where the eyebrow/s is/are and the second is to hit the space-bar to go to the next step.
OK...Thank you for replying. : )
Now I only have the free trial version right now, can you tell me if the FULL product version includes more options?
Also, when pressing the SPACE BAR to skip to the next step, will it also skip setting up the eyes segment?
I really want this to work because it is SO easy. I just think that there should be the option to not only tell the computer whether it's a side profice or frontal view, but it the subject is wearing a hat. Maybe it's not necessary.

If you go here http://www.portraitprofessional.com/ on the far right of the page there are links to a video demo. and some tutorials.
There are no limitations with the Trial version. When you decide to buy, the version you choose (there are two versions, Standard & Studio - The Studio version allows you to use RAW files and Adobe DNG files. Studio also includes a Photoshop Plugin component. If you check the Portrait Professional "Editions" page in the Help file you'll see the extras Studio has which the Standard version doesn't). Also, when you run the programme, once you have an image in the software, if you click on Help > Show Final Stage Tutorial you'll see what can be done. You can't run the Tutorial without an image in the software. If you try to run it without an image loaded you'll get a popup which tells you that the Tutorial can't be run without an image loaded.
Rather than ask a heap of questions, play with the software to see what it can do. If you "play" with copies of your images, rather than the originals, any mistakes you make won't matter.

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