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3 questions / issues
Hello everyone!
I have 3 small issues I hope you can help with.

PP 19 studio on a Mac. Face sculpt, Skin Lighting, Hair, Picture, and Layers tabs are turned off.

1. I find some images end up with a small amount of reddish colour on the subject's cheeks. I try to get rid of it by unselecting the Makeup tab, but it doers not seem to make a difference and that setting is not remembered, even if I update the default profile. How do I eliminate the reddish cast on the face/cheeks.
2. How to do I get PP to remember my No Makeup setting?

3. I have to remove the Skin Smoothening mask on the lips else the lipstick is smeared on the skin around the lips. This happens on all photos, whether the lipstick is a very faint or vibrant. Around the Lips setting is 0. I have Mouth and Nose settings to increase lip saturation, darken, contrast, and moisten. Any idea of a setting that will not smear lipstick?

Looking forward to your ideas!

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