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Random tips
Hello everyone
I am not a pro at this, but wanted to share a few tips I have learned from trial and error. I hope you find these useful.

In processing the file before loading into PP, up the highlights/whites a bit as PP tends to tone them down and you lose a bit of sparkle in the end result.
When processing, you can reduce the effect of toned-down highlights by removing the retouching mask from some of the highlight spots. This will show a bit more texture in those areas, but will reintroduce that sparkle.

Consider adding extra texture and sharpness to the image before you open in PP. that will give your photo sparkle and details on clothing, jewelry, and other areas, and you can tone it down on skin areas in PP.

PP tends to not auto-select hands for processing. Hands often show a lot of bone structure and veins, so ensure you select them if PP misses them.
If hands are prominent, you want to remove the mask between the fingers and from fingernails. We expect the space between fingers to be fairly dark, and PP lightens those shadows, so they do not look normal. We expect fingernails to be glossy, so deselecting them will keep them shiny and sparkly. Belly buttons and nostrils should also be dark, like the space between fingers, so remove the mask from belly button and nostrils.

Manually selecting a face is faster than the auto selecting process.

Don't produce plastic-looking skin! Set your settings to a nice, minimum setting, and add extra smoothening to problem areas. Knees often need a bit of extra help. You want a bit of texture in skin!

PP Studio saves TONS of time by allowing you to open 20 or 30 files sequentially! what a great feature. Spring for that if you can!


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