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Apple M1 native support
Hi All, I’m using portrait pro for years and I recently discovered that it’s still an intel application.

So yes it works on the new M1, but as it uses the compatibility mode and it’s not a native app, it’s very slow. Especially while using portrait pro studio max.

Any information on an update ? If no update on the pipeline, is there any other app you can recommend?
Also interested in PP updates for M1, tried out v22 with laptop today and experienced some slowdowns and a couple glitches.

The forums here can be a lonely place, might try the PP facebook page - EDIT: just went there, it's a lonely place also. And the posts from users are that either PPv22 doesn't run at all, or crashes a lot on Windows 10 on pc, and Mac OS Monterey.

Am hoping the PP team can work things out in making PP more compatible so we users can rock out some stuff that is cool.

(I have 174 unread messages here, they are all spam)

try -

I contacted the support, they said their software are compatibe with mac silicon and no developpement are planned to upgrade.

It's time to move to another software.
Well I hope they come up with an update. When it works right, it can be a very useful tool.

Comparing with alternatives - in a few reviews I have read, it seemed to beat the alternative touch-up software out there.

In the meantime I will delve into learning more about the latest version of Photoshop.
WELL now Portrait Pro 23.01 only works as a plug-in with Photoshop - tried to log in to Portrait Pro support page but the page won't load. Anyone at home here? I still have 170+ spam messages in the forum here, is there no one monitoring or moderating anything at this forum? Frustrating.

If I open a file with only Portrait Pro running, it goes into plug-in mode even though I don't have Photoshop running. Was attempting to do some background replacement but it's now borked.
Just stopping in to say I am greatly disappointed in the new 'AI' features in v24. Unless they are greatly improved (inpainting feature is rudimentary, I can do much better with photoshop or even with cheap AI programs). Hope they will be greatly improved in an update that doesn't cost money or I will be done with this program. Do better. I've been with pp a long time but this is a great disappointment.

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